Private Property Towing

Enforcement Tow knows that private property impounds are an unpopular side of a towing service but it is also a need to many property owners their tenants and customers.

These services provide property owners, management companies and managers a solution to controlling their parking lots and parking rules.

When choosing a towing company, California State Law, Vehicle Code 22658 changed in 2007 and property owners should consider who they choose carefully to provide towing services for them as doing their work in an ethical efficient manner with documentation.

Towing agreement/authorization between a property owner or manager and a towing company is required,


96 hours have elapsed since the vehicle was tagged for violation.

The towing company is limited to a 10 mile radius from property location to storage facility.
The 10 mile radius can be extended with a letter of authorization from the local Law Enforcement Agency.

All vehicles being towed from stalls or common areas must have authorization for removal at time of tow.

Removal from Fire Lanes require a “General Authorization Agreement” in place with a photo showing the vehicle violation.

Fire lanes can be posted any 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Properly sized and lettered fire lane signs
  2. Painted red in white curbs (Fire Lane or No Parking)  not less than 4” tall

When property owners or managers are looking for a towing service a smart choice is to use a company that works within the laws in place.  A towing company that is willing to work with management on situations that arise from time to time is also something that should be expected and we offer at Enforcement Tow.


Enforcement Tow is the leader in Private Property Towing technology.  Each truck is equipped with a mobile computer system directly connected to dispatch via Enforcement Tow’s own VPN mobile data network.  Each tow is documented in the field including photos and directly inputted into the dispatch database on the fly.

Property managers can be provided their own login to review any tow with full information regarding the violation as well as view all photos of the violation in question at any time.

Free Parking Management Consultation

Call today to schedule your free parking management consultation.  Our parking management experts will evaluate your property for proper signage, fire lanes, handicapped parking and other parking concerns.  Upon service agreement your property will be provided with all the necessary signage required per California law.  All this at NO COST to your property.

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